Today I choose not to be limited by others’ views of me. There is a certain sense of entitlement some people have–that if they meet certain superficial standards then they’re more worthy of love. It is comforting to them to see someone like myself, obese and *not* meeting those superficial standards, because they see me as non-competition for the love they seek.
It’s hurtful to realize that’s a category someone has put you in. But I’m sorry, today I see it for what it’s worth and I’m not buying it. How sad, for one thing, that someone has come to see love as something achieved through superficial success. How much more sad when someone needs to validate themselves by invalidating others.

I’m lovable, and loved. Beyond that, I don’t have to worry whether someone loves me just for my looks. So there. M’fucka. Hmmph!


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